Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Note on Aphorism and Egoism

Note on the title of this blog - "Aphorism and Egoism" was chosen because I intend to represent the findings in my quest for truth and knowledge. Aphorism as it applies to the truth and knowledge and Egoism as it applies to my journey, and of course the self-conscious things that I will make along the way. I have subtitled this "Ostentatiously Yours, Ed Essey" [I have since removed that subtitle] for what is a public posting of my thoughts--hopefully not written too pedantically--but ostentatious? I am very self-consicous of the role that egoism plays in this, and feel the need to apologize for it and note it where evident. Of course myobservance of my ostentation is also an apology, and perhaps meta in that I'm ostentatiously showing off my awareness of ostentation.

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