Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Aphorism and Egoism, rekindled

After a few years of not posting, I (or "i", a la Mr. Cummings) have been doing a lot of contemplation and want to re-open a channel of mutual sharing. I had considered starting a new blog from scratch, yet the title here seems pretty on the mark with the thoughts that I'd like to share -- and the former posts also align well enough with the new intentions of this blog. It is quite illuminiating to compare my self of now with my memory of self from a few years ago. It shows that while I have on the surface undergone many changes, at my deep levels, there are a lot of the same feelings. The Observer in me has been aware of my search for truth (or Truth hence "aphorism") while also noticing the likelihood of my ego to step in.

Have there been more changes, more insights? or has it mostly been a collection of new tools or a deeper understanding of nature through the melting away of even more ego? These are topics for meditations and sources of learning for me.


My job is a very technical one, and is an exciting part of my life. I work in parallel computing at Microsoft, and have plenty of opportunity to blog about my work's technical aspects at work, so I will not do that here. These are more for my personal explorations. Sometimes there will be some insights that I share here from my work experiences, but I don't expect any code or algorithms to show up here.

The ultimate goals of my work are to make the world a better place through technology. So, I strive to connect with all of the people of the world, including end-users of projects, developers, and my co-workers, with whom I meet on a day-to-day basis. Every change that someone makes that starts with heart, brings love to the rest of the world. We all play a part in delivering pistachios to hungry mouths.

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