Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Haiku #6 - On the Bus

Rush hour herds workers
Throught knots. Crossing a bridge, we
Look from screens--serene.


  1. I like this one. It captures the sense in which some of us have the privilege of serenity because we have jobs and are financially secture, and yet we are still enclosed or even trapped in the physical and sociological structures that carry us complacently along through the knots. Perhpas in some sense we are trapped BECAUSE of our priviledge and serenity...hmm

  2. Likely, the entrapment comes from our fear of losing that privilege and serenity. It does not come from the privilege and serenity itself.

    You write that as only you can. Even if it was anonymous, I would have been pretty darn sure that it was you. You describe the implicit underpinnings of the haiku so well. In fact, they're so implicit to me, that you may even be more aware of them than I was while writing it. Thank you for helping raise my level of awareness.

    I would not have been entirely sure that it was you, though. Your words seem to indicate an evolution or deepening of your already sophisticated sensitivity to systems of privilege.